Tom Newhouse Mediation

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

The Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition is held in conjunction with the National Mediator Competition.  Tom Newhouse Competition Teams are presented with several fact patterns that include a summary of their side’s position and interests then given a limited time to present their position and work through the dispute with mediators (who are themselves competitors in the National Mediator Competition). 

The fact patterns will be available at the start of the week leading up to the competition.  All necessary information is available in the fact pattern and no outside research is required to understand the problem.  All preliminary rounds for the Competition are held on one day. 

The Competition is open to all UHLC students.  Competition Teams consist of two UHLC students, with one serving as attorney and the other as client (alternating each round).  Only a limited number of teams can be accepted to compete, so early application is highly encouraged. Competition rounds are judged by members of the Houston legal community who often offer feedback to the teams after their round is over.  Teams are scored on the basis of the students’ case analysis, creativity, presentation, expression of the client’s goals, skills of compromise, and professional courtesy.

UHLC students can earn 1 hour of non-substantive competition credit by (1) making a good-faith effort in the Competition and (2) completing and timely submitting the writing assignment for the Competition that is described in the Competition Rules.

Click here to complete a Competition Credit Petition.

The Competition Teams that advance to the Final Round will receive a cash prize.

Applicant teams will be accepted for the competition based on the order in which their application has been received and upon the Competition Director’s confirmation that both team members have paid the competition fee ($10 for each Advocates Member, $50 for each non-member). Interested students must apply with a team member using the online application, which will be available after the second presentation.

The 2020 Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition will be held Friday, October 16, 2020 – Saturday, October 17, 2020.

Learning Lunch will be held on Oct. 1, 2020 at

Do you have questions or need more information? Email Lama Zakzok, Director of the Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition.