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2021-2022 Board Elections

At this time the Advocates are moving forward with our 2021-2022 Board Elections. As many of you know, the Advocates are the organization responsible for putting on the UHLC’s intramural competitions (Blakely Butler, Lorance Thompson, Hippard Open, etc.). These competitions provide students with the opportunity to gain real experience with different types of advocacy and improve highly relevant legal skills. Serving on the Board means having a hand in making sure that we provide the best experience for our students and judges. Further, being on the Advocates Board is unique in that the Board members earn course credit by serving in their respective roles (2 credits for Executive Board members and Board of Directors, and 1 credit for Associate Board members).

Interested student can apply by filling out this Google Form:

Students will have until Monday, March 8 to fill out the form to indicate their top positions and provide a written statement for each position, which will be shown on the ballot. There will then be a vote to choose our 2021-2022 Board. 

The PDF at the top of this page details each Board position and gives the name and contact information for each person currently holding that position, but for your quick reference, Board positions for 2021-2022 are:

  • Executive Board
    • Executive Chair
    • Vice Chair for Finance
    • Vice Chair for Public Relations
    • Vice Chair for Membership
    • Special Events Chair
    • Fundraising Chair
    • Technology Chair
  • Board of Directors
    • Blakely Butler Moot Court Competition
    • Tom Newhouse Mediation Competition
    • Hippard Open Mock Trial Competition
    • Lorance Thompson Negotiation and Contract Drafting Competition
    • John Black Moot Court Competition
    • Hippard Novice Mock Trial Competition
  • Associate Board Members (15 Positions)

Reasons to run for a Board position:

  • Opportunity to earn 1 or 2 course credits (depending on the position)
  • Looks great on a resume
  • Gives you talking points in interviews
  • Also looks great in an email signature
  • Additional networking opportunities with lawyers in the Houston legal market

For those current 1Ls (or current 2Ls or part-timers) who may be interested in getting involved but are wary of taking on too much, consider our Associate Board positions. Associate Board members table for the organization, distribute flyers, volunteer in various roles during competitions, and mostly provide support to the functions of the organizations rather than be in charge of things. Plus you have the opportunity to earn a course credit, network with judges during competitions, and get the resume boost! 

That said, if you participated in a competition this year that you particularly enjoyed, consider running for a position on our Board of Competition Directors. Your responsibility as a competition director begins and ends with your competition, and you have the support of the Executive Board and Associate Board.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to Chelsea Klumpp at